DC has lots of walkable Neighborhoods !

Meet the only Realtor you will ever need

John and Lourdes Print 6x5_0230

Hi, I am John MacArthur ( pictured with my wife and partner Lourdes Tudela-MacArthur). I am a Realtor, but  also a resident of the DC Metro area. My wife and I have lived here all of our adult lives. I was born in Washington,DC and now live in Montgomery County. Lourdes was born in Lima, Peru and now resides in Montgomery County as well.

Together, we have worked with hundreds of buyers, sellers and renters. We have an intimate knowledge of the DC area and our work has taken us to all of the neighborhoods in the District of Columbia. The time we have spent in those neighborhoods has afforded us the knowledge that is only gained by feet on the street. We have been in and out of most of the walk ups and understand each offers something different to buyers.

If you share your dream of home ownership with us, we will do everything possible to make it a reality.

Call us at 301-509-5111


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